I hate it when tow truck drivers are talking on their cell phones the whole time. I keep thinking that they're supposed to be the people that set a good example for the rest of us, and here they are talking on their phones. I couldn't tell the lady to stop, but she kept right on talking on the phone and freaking me out. I couldn't get out of the tow truck fast enough, thinking there'd be an accident if I stayed much longer.

    Bethasheba and her friend were at nuru spa for a massage, she booked the Turquoise signature massage, and instead of them using hot stones, the massage therapist used chunks of turquoise to provide pressure at the back and too much oil on the back. The turquoise nuggets were sliding everywhere and dropped to the floor, and the oil that dripped from Bethasheba’s drenched hair and nape ran into her eyes and nostrils. This is so funny because how can massage therapists use too much oil that drains into nostrils with some sliding turquoise nuggets? It is a hard question to answer.

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